Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quote, Unquote

There's nothing wrong with being straight,
There's everything wrong with being straight and narrow.

One is a sexuality,
The other is a problem.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Reasons Why NOT to Send Your Child to a State School!!!!

Yes, I have risen from the dead...well at least my blog has. Sorry to all my faithful blog readers but I have much to share today so I hope that will make up for lack of blogging.

I am totally incensed with what I have been being taught today at Uni so I just thought I would share my rage with you all.

To all those out there who think that state education is neutral and it doesn't matter if you put your child through the state-curriculum...........THINK AGAIN!

Were you aware that it is now legal to teach sex education from the age of five.....yes that's right - you read correctly - F....I.....V.....E. How ridiculous is that? They hardly have discovered the differences in their bodies let alone know what the word sex means. You can teach them about using contraceptives and safe sex.....I mean if they weren't deadly serious when they were telling me this - I would have laughed out loud at the absolute nonsense of such a suggestion.

During my health class, I boldly decided to voice my opinion, politely in the form of a question. I said "Excuse me, but what if you don't agree it is the teacher's responsibility to teach sex education?"
Her reply? - "Then don't be a teacher!"
I'm sorry - so are you saying that if I happen to have a different opinion to you - that I am not fit to be a teacher? I didn't ask that question out loud - but was sorely tempted.

Did you know that if a student - regardless of age - came to you and told you they were pregnant and wanted an abortion, you are well within your rights to take them off to the clinic to have an abortion without mentioning it to their parents? That is absolutely DISGUSTING! Also, if a child told you they did not want their parents knowing about this pregnancy/abortion they were having then you are legally not allowed to tell the parents. What I say to that? BOLLOCKS - I would lose my job over it, that's how strongly I feel. If a student told me that, I would be straight on the phone to their parents.

Moving along to my Science lesson today. Our lecturer confidently said that Science is not about facts. It is about being creative and it is about making inferences. EXCUSE ME? So if they truly believe it isn't about facts, why do they ram the whole evolution/Big Bang theory down our throats as if to say to believe otherwise would be lunacy?

As you can see, I am mildly riled up. I am sick of having to swallow the rubbish they teach me. I am sick of parents not knowing what exactly goes on in primary state schools. Christian parents need to wake up and realise that it is a dangerous option to send your child to a state school. It is a total battlefield out there and the devil is having a ball. If Christian parents only knew the calibre of some of the teachers training right now,they would be horrified!

Of course, I understand that it is not always possible to send your child to a Christian school - but if it is at all possible don't think twice about it!

I know this has been quite a rant and I don't wish to offend anyone with what I have said, but I just want the truth out there so people can make their own informed decisions.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm a Nana!

Hello everyone...well one post a month isn't too bad huh? I have decided that I am truly a nana. After completing 8 assignments over the last two weeks, I now find myself at a loss. What do I do with all this free time? (2 days) No, but seriously, it has been great to have a bit of a break and I even got a chance to go round and visit Anita and see all her cute baby stuff.....was lovely to catch up!

School has been hectic, but fun. I've been having class debates, making clay fish, looking at picture books and of course attending to my assignments. As of next week I am back at BBI (Buckland's Beach Intermediate). I can't wait! I love the class of kids I am working with...they are KOOL! I will be there for 6 whole weeks and am working towards one week full control which is a wee bit scarey seen I don't really know what I'm doing! haha

Well just thought I'd catch you all up with where I'm at. If you want to hang out and be a nana with me.....you'll probably find me in bed before 9pm so don't be too disappointed.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Trip to Towel Pole

Hello everyone! I just thought I'd do something different for a change and post! Nobody probably even checks my blog anymore seen it has been so long, but I'll go ahead anyway.

I have just returned from a jolly fantastic time in Towel Pole ( Taupo) I'm trying to tick off my Maori lecturer who told us it is pronounced TOEPO.....not TOWEL POLE....(which me and my mate Amelia found absolutely hilarious and thereafter started calling it). Anyway...I went down with Dad and Mum and Jim to stay in our timeshare. It was soooo relaxing...just reading, playing a bit of mini golf and tennis and pool and relaxing in the spa on a coolish evening. aaaaaaaaaah

But now it is back to the REAL WORLD. A world with 8 assignments due in 2 weeks haha...so I guess you won't be hearing from me anytime soon. Please excuse my slackness in advance.

I recommend you all go hang in Towel Pole though, it's a decent place!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who Needs Teachers??

As some of you may know, I have commenced a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching at Auckland University's Epsom Campus this week. Before I started, I had prepared myself somewhat for being taught some things that I might not agree with, but I can't say I was prepared in the least for the absolutely ludicrous teaching philosophies which have been presented to me in all genuineness so far this week.

If this is the stuff our student teachers are being taught, then our school systems are in a dangerous state. Just so you have some idea of what I am talking about, let me quote from a handout I got given today.

"....teachers work with students rather than doing things to them, and the learners' interests and questions drive much of the curriculum. The environment supports children's desire to find out about things, facilitates the process of discovery, and, in general, meets children's needs. A school with this mission has a climate very different from one in which educators are mostly thinking about how they can make students work harder or follow directions."

SORRY??? Did I miss something? We, as teachers, are not meant to expect our students to follow directions? We are, in fact, not meant to teach, just facilitate learning. RIIIIGHT!

My lecturer today gave us an example of a classroom she had recently visited where there were various work stations situated around the room. The work for the week was written up on the board and the children basically "self-managed" their weekly workload. When asked what age these children were, she replied, "7 years old." If this is the case....( and I believe more and more schools are working towards this kind of programme) who needs teachers?

A further reading from this same worksheet has two columns, the first being "Good Signs" in a classroom and the second, "Possible Reasons for Concern". To my surprise, a lot of my beliefs, in terms of teaching practice, were found in the second column. I quote:

"Desks in rows or chairs all facing forward."
"List of rules created by an adult." ( Heaven forbid!)
"Sticker chart or other evidence that students are rewarded or ranked."
"Frequent periods of silence and/or teacher's voice the loudest of most often heard."
"Awards, trophies, and prizes displayed, suggesting emphasis on triumph rather than community."

To be blunt with you all.....these statements are absolute rubbish. Why on earth as a teacher can you not make a list of rules you expect your students to abide by? Why should the teacher's voice not be the loudest or most often heard? Why can we not award success or recognize achievement? We have student teachers being absolutely brainwashed in this rubbish without so much as a question. They are swallowing these ideas hookline and sinker. Students are most important and self esteem is to be achieved by praising all students and encouraging equality. In other words, don't emphasize success, just encourage community. What kind of nonsense is this? No matter how you try to work your way around it, some kids are going to be academic and some kids aren't....those kids know who they are, and no amount of self-esteem building empty praise is going to make them believe otherwise.

As Scott would say raaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I could rave on, but I am keen to hear your ideas on this matter.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog.....

I must apologise profusely for my slackness in blogging of late. To be honest I have been trying to decide if I will bother continuing with my blog now that I am back in little ol NZ. My life is probably not quite as exciting as it was last year, so I am not sure I will be able to blog regularly and even if I do, I am not sure many people will be that excited about reading it.

After much deliberation, I have decided to put off the decision for a while and just blog about my cool holidays.

I had a lovely Christmas with my family and friends. It is amazing how the older you get the more you realise the superficiality of presents etc. and the more you appreciate the real meaning of Christmas and the chance to spend time with friends and family.

Two days after Christmas I left for Christchurch to attend a Youth Bible Conference down there. It was an awesome experience just fellowshipping with like-minded Christians and sitting under good Biblical teaching. After conference a lot of us stayed for another week and just hung out with everyone and did lots of fun stuff. We got to see the beautifully scenic Port Hills, find our way out of the Maize Maze....and also enjoy the wedding of Mark and Gina Young. It was sad to come home!

Have spent the last couple of weeks just chilling out, lazing around and generally not doing too much at all. Has been good to use the time to read some good books and such. Monday is the start date for my course in Primary teaching. Am quite looking forward to the challenge.

Well will continue to ponder the future of my blog....till then you all have a beautiful day!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sweet Home Manurewa!

Thanks Jono for the inspiration for this title! haha
Well I am back in good ol New Zealand and it feels really great to be back amongst familiar faces and NZ food. My time in Japan was totally awesome and I learnt so many things. I feel I have come back changed so I hope that I can live the changes out that God made in me.
I have to say I have had a wee bit of reverse culture shock....especially from the slack service in shops over here. It is a far cry from the bowing and polite thank yous I received in Japanese retail places. I really think owners of retail businesses should put in some extra work to train their staff with the basics of how to smile and act like it's not too much of a bother to actually serve the customer, rather than treating them like they are an interruption to their day.

Enough whinging though. It is great to be back. I love my family and friends and my church. Looking forward to catching up with you all.

To my friends I left back in Japan/Canada/America/England/Switzerland.....yea the list goes on....I miss you guys lots and will definitely keep in touch. Stay tuned on my blog.

Blessings over this Christmas period. Don't get caught up in the hype. Show God's love this Christmas!